A Cat in Toronto

Sunday, January 28, 2007

So much to write . . .

Happy Birthday to me! Almost.

Last night I went out with my parents, Leah, Matt and Vanessa to a Chinese buffet up by Pacific Mall. I love food. Thanks to Bruce for the recommendation. I usually go to a place at Warden and the 401 for my Chinese buffet needs. Overall I'd say the place we went last night had better food and a better selection. My favourite for the night was of course the salmon sashimi. It was so wonderful and fresh - it was like eating fishy butter. Wait, that sounds gross. . . at any rate the salmon sashimi was delicious. Also liked the 'soup' with sweetened coconut milk and tapioca. And the spring rolls, the noodles, the roast chicken . . . . mmm. Sorry I was having a moment. ;) So it was a good birthday dinner.

When we went home I got my presents from my family. I got an mp3 player and Inuyasha season 3. Yay for both! Now I just have to upload gazillions of songs and I'm good to go.

2 Job Man!

My other news is that I'm now also employed by my tkd club. I only work on Thursday nights from 5:30 to 7:30 but I might also be taking shifts on Monday night and Saturday mornings from time to time. I got the Saturday morning shift yesterday because one of the regular staff was away. So far it seems okay. I don't think I'm the awesomest teacher yet but hopefully I'll improve with experience.


I've been putting together a scrapbook of my France stuff. Since the photos are digital I had to crop all of the ones I wanted to print off to a 4x6 format. Originally I had around 140 photos. So far I've narrowed it down to around 115. Hopefully I can reduce that a little more before I print them off. I want to include the best of the best - or things that I really want in there - so that the scrapbook isn't huge. Thanks Michelle for the advice and supplies. :)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Procrastinating . . .

So, I should be doing homework right now but I don't really feel like it. I'll get around to it . . . eventually.

Hurray! I don't feel sick anymore. Now I can eat the loads of Christmas chocolates that I couldn't touch for the past few weeks. I can't eat chocolate when I'm sick - especially with nuts - because it makes me cough. So for the past while I've been staring longingly at the pile of chocolates from Christmas. I imagine it won't be around for very much longer now that I can eat them again. Incidentally, I may be a few pounds heavier the next time you see me and/or more hyper and/or happier. ;)

I remembered a funny story about one of my kids and I thought it might bring a smile to those of you who read this. Okay, so one day I was working with the kindergarten kids and there is only one washroom in that room. A boy was already in the washroom and a girl was standing outside the washroom. She complained to us that she really had to go. My co-worker asked her if she thought she could hold it. The girl grabbed her (own) butt and said with a grossed out look on her face, "I could but then my hand would be smelly." After we rushed her to the 'big kids' washroom we had a laugh about it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm alive! . . . sort of.

Well, after several months of not writing anything my ship is re-entering the blogosphere. (I love making up new words.) Now to see if anyone still reads this. Hmm. Maybe I'll get Leah to direct people here.

So it's 1:30 am and I have to be up at 6 am tomorrow. I can't sleep because when I got home I was feeling sick so I took a "nap" at 7 pm. That lasted until midnight so now I'm awake and somewhat bored. Go figure, there isn't that much to do at 1:30 am on a weeknight. Besides, I would like to catch a few more hours of sleep before I have to go to work.

Hmm, what have I been up to for the past few months? Nothing extraordinarily interesting. I helped out with and participated in a tkd (taekwondo) tournament back in November. Otherwise it's just been school, work and making it out to tkd when I can.

Last semester went pretty well. I liked my Disorders of Speech and Language class, didn't really like my other linguistics class, and I'm still in Intro to Middle Egyptian. That's pretty neat, we're learning how to translate hieroglyphs. (It's my elective.)

Work is normal. The kids are cute but occasionally stress me out. That's usually when it's time to get the little ones dressed to go outside - have to deal with snow pants, jackets and all other sorts of fun winter gear. During their Christmas break I ran a few tkd classes with a few blackbelts from my club. It went really well overall - now the kids want to know when the next classes will be.

Aside from being sick, I had a pretty good Christmas break. At least I felt fine on Christmas eve when my immediate family does our celebration. And I had a great time at Kev and Michelle's new year's eve party. Did you know that it takes a while for 5 shots of tequila to kick in? ;) Although, I don't think Aaron was right when he said that it would cure me of my cold since I'm still sick now. It's my own fault for getting sick and staying that way. I went out almost every other night the week before Christmas despite having work in the morning and (as you may have noticed) I don't really have the best sleeping habits.

Speaking of which, I think I'll try and grab a few more hours sleep before work so I'm off for now.