A Cat in Toronto

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Not too much interesting stuff to update my blog with. Hmmm. I had a pretty good Canada Day weekend minus the food poisoning. Other than that I've pretty much just been working at the day care. That's been okay. Yesterday was a bit rough though. (Friday the 13th - Woooo! <---scary noise) Out of 12 teachers 5 took the day off. That left us with 7 regulars +1 emergency supply on a day when we're supposed to take 2 out of 3 rooms to a swimming pool about 2 city blocks away. Last week we had 6 teachers for the outing and it went really well. This week we had 4 - it didn't go as well. :( On the bright side, once we got back to the day care, it wasn't so bad. I've been feeling a little nostalgic since I was in France this time last year. Days like that make me wish I was back there instead.


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