A Cat in Toronto

Thursday, September 07, 2006

photos updated

Just letting anyone who still reads this know that I've updated my flickr account again. I got tired of uploading photos so I'll finish up later but I've put up a lot of new photos. Most are from La Rochelle and some are from Paris.

Update (finally)

Here's where I try to sum up what I did in August in 50 words or less. Okay maybe not. As a summary I can do it in 2 words: not much. I took a sign language course during the third week of August and other than that I really didn't do anything all that productive. Hmm. Daily excursions included going to Hawkestone, going to Sibbald for Leah's party, helping Kev and Michelle move into their new place, going to the Ex, then the comic con the following weekend. Other than that there were a few outings to various restaurants and family events. Maybe it sounds like a lot but space it out over an entire month and it really was a very easy pace. Especially compared to the crazy pace of July.

So, I start back to work tomorrow. Mornings at the daycare. I should probably be asleep right now but in true beginning of the year tradition, I couldn't sleep so I decided to update my blog instead. Technically I should have started at the daycare on Tuesday but I came down with a nasty cold. Since I didn't want my co-workers and parents mad at me for making them sick at the beginning of the school year, I decided to stay home. U or T classes start next week so I didn't miss anything there.

For those of you wondering, yes more photos are on the way. Now that I'm well enough to drag myself downstairs again, I'll be updating my flickr account with new photos asap.